Daniel Hryhorczuk

Tamara RamsayDaniel Hryhorczuk received his BA in English (creative writing) from Northwestern University where his short story “The Ice Cross” won first place in the Orgy of the Arts. He received his MD and MPH degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His first novel, Caught in the Current, revisited the world of his youth -- ethnic America and offbeat Europe during the psychedelic sixties. The Midwest Book Review described it as “one amazing read and decidedly establishes Daniel Hryhorczuk as a talented author of wit, imagination, and a fundamentally gifted storyteller.” His second novel, Myth and Madness, explores Ukraine’s “revolution of dignity” during the winter of 2013/14. He has received commendations from the City of Chicago, the White House, and the Ukrainian government for his work on social and health issues in Ukraine. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife Christine.

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